ChakraSamvara Center (CSC) Miami Beach is to promote the personal health and well-being of the individual, community, and the environment. CSC offers weekly meditation practice, workshops, training, classes, and programs that promote the study of natural healing. The center provides these services to the community regardless of race, gender, religious or philosophical belief, national origin, citizenship, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, physical appearance, or ability to pay. ChakraSamvara fully accepts all who have an open heart and mind to learn and practice ancient Eastern healing techniques, knowledge, and wisdom.
CSC engages, organizes, and sponsors guest teachers and practitioners for events in a variety of fields, and supports a peer-directed calendar of Tibetan Buddhist practice and community outreach activities. Some of the practitioners and teachers, we have hosted include highly revered His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, His Holiness 37th Drikung Kyabgoen Chetsang, Drepung Tripa Rinpoche, Lama Glenn Mullin, Professor Bob Thurman, Gelek Rinpoche, Tibetan Abbots, high Lamas, Rinpoche, Geshe La, and monks from Drepung Gomang, Drepung Loseling, Gaden Shartse, and Von NGARI Monasteries, as well as Thai and Vietnamese Abbots and monks.
In addition to providing a space to pursue the path toward Emptiedness and Enlightenment, CSC promotes aspects of eastern healing arts. Utilizing both traditional and nontraditional healing methods, CSC aims to help all sentient beings attain physical and spiritual wellbeing. The events and activities practiced at the center include energy healing, meditation, empowered yoga, qi gong practices, and other healing modalities.
By pursuing the path to liberation, we hope to help others achieve her version of Einstein’s famous E=MC^2 equation. When one begins to practice manifesting compassion and consciousness, the soul sheds old information, imprints, negative karma, and emotions, and replaces this space with conscious effort and spiritually grounded learning. As a result, the soul begins to move upward through many energetically cleansing levels in the hopes of ultimately attaining complete liberation and the ability to serve ALL sentient beings through the exemplified state of EMPTINESS. Thus, to attain this life that is one with EMPTIEDNESS (E) the bliss of complete liberation, one must practice a mind (M) of Compassion of Consciousness (C^2).