ChakraSamvara extends ourselves to help the children in Uganda, Africa. The widespread pandemic of HIV/AIDS coupled with the flood of refugee children from neighboring warring countries has left large numbers of children in Uganda orphaned, with no possibility of a future.  Whose parents died due to HIV/AIDS related diseases who have experienced many negative changes in their lives and suffered neglect which has led to a lot of impacts like emotional trauma and neglect. These unfortunate children live in rural areas with their host families, grandparents, or other relatives. These families are not well educated about the HIV/AIDS scourge.  Therefore, there is great risk of contracting HIV/AIDS leading to higher death rates of parents hence large numbers of orphans. Some orphaned children walk long distances to attend school while others are supporting themselves along with their younger brothers and sisters.  Collectively, we fund raise seeking for donations so we can directly donate money to provide shelter, school, sustainable education, building aquaponic pond to provide sufficient farming at the minimum water usage, and better health care to these orphans,