160 Money God ideas in 2021 | thangka, buddhist art, buddhism


”For Magnetizing Mundane Wealth and Supreme Spiritual Increase”


Dzam” means “Deity or gathering”. “Bhah” means “gold or wealth”. “La” means “to honor”. “Dzambhala” means “Precious Golden Deity, who gathers or brings the wealth of spirituality or Dharma and material security or accomplishment to our lives”.[2]

Dzambhala, (Tibetan:  Namtotse) the guardian of the North.  He represents the deity of wealth.  He’s the manifestation of the Yellow Buddha, Ratnasambhava.  He’s shown seated on a roaring lion, placed on a lotus base.  He’s golden yellow in color and he has a stern expression.  He has two hands; the right holds a banner of victory, while the left arm holds a mongoose, establishing him as the deity of wealth.  Jewel’s offering has been shown in front of him.  He is wearing a five-pronged crown, symbolic of the Five Transcendental Buddhas.  His hair is upswept in a knot with a jewel on it.  His open eyes, frowning eyebrows, upturned lips, mustache, and beard are all painted.  He wears a long and flowing scarf.  The ornaments of the deity include necklaces, armlets, and bracelets.  Dzambhala has a snake around his body.  In spite of adornment, he is bare to the waist, and his legs are covered by a dhoti (skirt).