Golden Tara appears as the life-giving female buddha in a body of radiant golden light. She embodies the light of life itself. The vase in Golden Tara’s hand contains the power to increase our life energy, power, and material and spiritual resources. These resources support us in times of ease and times of difficulty, enabling us to discover and fulfill the purposes of our life on a moment-to-moment basis and over the arc of our lives. Her Tibetan name is Phagma Norter Drolma. She is the 11th Tara in the 21 Tara praise. She is giver of wealth and eliminates poverty by the wrathful energy of HUNG. The word wealth here refers not only to mundane wealth but also supreme wealth of understanding which liberates beings from the poverty of ignorance. Mother Tara Norter Drolma is able to summon ALL earth guardians. One of the guardians is the Goddess of Earth or Sayi Lhamo Tenma Chenmo (great firm earth goddess). Through her love, compassion, and wisdom, ALL the protectors of the ten directions, the Goddess of earth, the ancient Gods and their followers become part of her retinue, under her control.