Warrior of Wealth, Vaishravana | Tsem Rinpoche

                         MANTRA:  OM VAISHRAVANA YE SVAHA


Vaishravana, the Lord of Wealth, is the Buddhist counterpart of Kubera, the Brahmanical god of wealth and like him he presides over the domain of riches. As a Lokapala or Guardian King, Vaishravana looks after the Northern region and the Mount Sumeru, the centre of the universe. His abode is Alaka in the Himalayas, abounding in wealth and magnificence, where he is attended upon by Yakshas and Kinnaras. Vaishravana is also the king of Yakshas.  Vaishravana Riding a Lion (Tibetan: nam to se tag shon. English: the Son of Nam To): the Guardian King of the Northern Direction, Lord of Yakshas. Vaishravana, with a regal bearing, has one face and two hands holding in the right a banner of variously coloured silks atop a long red shaft. In the left, cradled against the side is a brown mongoose excreting gems from the mouth. The King is adorned with a jewelled crown, gold earrings and elaborate flowing garments of manifold colours richly textured, along with pants and boots in Mongolian style. With the chest covered by a golden coat of armour he sits atop a white snow lion with a green mane above a multi-coloured lotus blossom surrounded by a dark nimbus fringed with rainbow light and a red and green aureole. Vaishravana has two main aspects: that of a warrior protector and that of a deity of wealth. He is one of the primary protectors of the Gelugpa Sect, specifically serving as the Protector of the middle scope of the Lamrim. In his capacity as one of the Four Directional Guardians, he is often depicted on the outer walls of monasteries and temples, to safeguard against harmful interferences.


Benefit: His spiritual energy in the form of sound that helps to transform the mind; breaking down negative emotions of greeds/envies/angers, into positive emotions of generosities/compassions/loving kindness.