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PadmaSambhava was recognized as the 2nd incarnation of Buddha after Shakyamuni.

PadmaSambhava, meaning “Born of the Lotus”, is Pe-ma lung-ne in Tibetan.  Many titles and names have been applied to him.  He is called Guru Padma, or the Lotus Guru, and is even more popularly known as Guru Rinpoche, or Saint Lama.

Padma is not an ordinary sentient being. Practitioner, nor a noble bodhisattva progressing on the path of the bhumis.  He is a direct emanation of ALL the Buddha of the ten directions and the three times.  He is the ALL-pervading Lord of the Three Jewels of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.  He is the single embodiment of the wisdom, compassion and activity of ALL the Victorious Ones.  He is the Master of the three roots of Guru, Yidam, and Protector.  He is the essence of Buddha Amitaba.

Varja Guru Mantra is the mantra associated with Guru Rinpoche, also known as Padmasambhava.  It was originally concealed during the time of PadmaSambhava in Tibet and later rediscovered by Karma Lingpa (14th century) who brought it forth from its place of concealment and copied it down on reams of gold. The wisdom mind of PadmaSambhava is manifested in the form of this mantra; these 12 syllables are actually the emanation of His wisdom mind, and they are endowed with His entire blessing.  The Vajra Guru mantra is PadmaSambhava in the form of sound.  When you invoke Him with the recitation of the 12 syllables, the blessing and the merit you obtain is tremendous

OM AH HUNG VAJRA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUNG carry the entire blessing of the 12 types of teaching taught by Buddha, which are the essence of His 84,000 Dharma.  Therefore to recite the Vajra Guru Mantra once is the equivalent to the blessing of reciting…or practicing….the whole teaching of the Buddha.

  1. OM AH HUNG purify obscurations arising from the three mental poisons: desire/attachment, aversion, and ignorance
  2. VAJRA purifies obscurations which stem from anger
  3. GURU purifies obscurations which stem from pride
  4. PEMA purifies obscurations which stem from desire/attachment
  5. SIDDHI purifies obscurations which stem from envy/jealousy
  6. HUNG in a general way purifies obscurations which stem from ALL emotional affliction