• I love it here! It’s a beautiful setting, and the people are Fabulous. Every time I go there’s a feeling of love internally and externally. Because of ChakraSamvara Center, I’ve been exposed to the Buddhist religion where I feel most connected. Thank You!

– Stef Lee.

  • This was the place where I found true love, I took my first yoga class there and I completely fall in love with this discipline! The vibe is just simply out of this world; ethereal!

– Gerardo Coello

  • This place is very special to me. It served as a space where I was able to receive many teachings which have to lead me to where I am today. Wonderful teachers in a very sacred atmosphere where you can feel relaxed and ready to receive. Thank you for being open to the public, you are loved 🙂

-Andrew Acosta

  • My time at ChakraSamvara has been interesting on levels too deep for words. I’ve always had an interest in Buddhism and finally stumbled across the Center. I’m exploring things there a person cant find in books or the internet. It’s a really special place. For the curious hearts, answer the knock on this door. You’ll find a practice that evolves all aspects of personal vision and soul. I wanted to post about my experience and there’s still so much that could be said- I’ll post again soon when the description translates clear in my mind. Sincerely, It’s a wonder there. Check it out someday. We can talk about it.

-Kara Sea

  • Beautiful space to awaken your Self.
    Thank you ChakraSamvara, thank you.. from the bottom of my soul.
    Om Mani Padme Hum!

-Joan Zurilla Plaza

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