Vajrayogini is visualized as the translucent, deep red forma of a 16 years old female with the third eye of wisdom set vertically on her forehead.  Her consort ChakraSamvara is often depicted as a Khatanga on Vajrayogini’s shoulder, when she is in ‘solitary hero’ form.  Vajra Yoini is the inner essence of the Heruka CharkraSamvara Tantras.  She is the feminine manifestation of Divine Wisdom.  Standing in the  realm of wisdom, she is naked to the world. She has no shame and her realization is fearless. As the Divine Feminine she is feisty and beyond limitations. She is a tantric deity with no counterpart in Mahāyana Buddhism. She is a ḍākiṇī- literally a “sky-dancer”, and figuratively a wild spirit who dances ecstatically in the clear blue sky of śūnyata. She is usually depicted as blood red in colour, naked except for elaborate ornaments of human bone, and a necklace of skulls, corresponding to the sixteen vowels and thirty-four consonants of the Sanskrit alphabet, and symbolising the purification of speech. In her right hand she holds a flaying knife with a vajra handle – a vajra-chopper – which she uses to cut off attachments. In her left hand is a skull cup filled with mahāsukha (the great bliss) which she pours out like wine to her devotees. In the crook of her left arm she cradles a khatvanga or magic staff. Her iconography is rich and multifaceted. Red in colour with one face and two hands she holds a curved knife in the right and a skullcup upraised in the left. Resting on the left shoulder is a katvanga staff. Adorned with a tiara of skulls and gold, jewel and bone ornaments she wears a necklace of fifty dry skulls standing with the two feet placed on the bodies of red Kalaratri and black Bhairava above a sun disc and multi-coloured lotus seat. Completely surrounded by the flames of pristine awareness she looks up to the pure realm of Khechara and drinks from the skullcup in the left hand. Each aspect of VajraYogini’s form and mandala is designed to convey a spiritual meaning.  Her brilliant red-colored body symbolizes the blazing of her inner fire (Tib. Tummo).  Her single face symbolizes that she has realized that ALL phenomena are of one nature in emptiness.  Her two arms symbolize her realization of the two truths.  Her three eyes symbolize her ability to see everything in the past, present, and future.  She looks up to space, demonstrating her attainment of outer and inner Pure Dakini Land, and indicating that she leads her VAJRAYOGINI (continue) followers to these attainments.  Her right hand holds a curved knife to show her power to cut the continuum of the delusions and obstacles of her followers and of ALL sentient beings.  Her left hand holds a skullcup filled with blood, which symbolizes her experience of the clear light of bliss.  Practices and mantras associated with Vajrayoginī are often considered secret – although the mantras are now widely published. Many traditional practitioners are uncomfortable with this breaking of the traditional secrecy around these practices, and warn against using these mantras without proper instruction. If you were exposed to connect to her through mantra that’s being posted, means that you are blessed and were once connected to her or you are being guided to further your connection on the spiritual path of enlightenment/consciousness. BENEFIT:  Her practice includes methods for preventing ordinary death, intermediate state (bardo) and rebirth (by transforming them into paths to enlightenment), and for transforming ALL mundane daily experiences into higher spiritual paths.


I am the diamond maiden, the player of games
The yogini is one of my forms
Showing that I am beyond earthly attachment
I am the shining revelation to the ascetic
The women in silk and roses
I am the harlot in black net and leather, who gives enjoyable punishment
I am the glass bead master, creating universes of form
And a spark of me is in each bead, for I dwell in karma.
I am the Trauma Goddess, the Lady of Pain
In return for devotion I pull thorns from the heart In return for obedience
I untie the knots in the belly and the head
I hold the vajra, which gives and receives
I reshape family karma. The Trauma Goddess is called for people in painful situations
Where anger and hatred block the path of the soul I evaluate the benefits of revenge
And give better suggestions for spiritual growth. I am not suited to polite society
To social striving, upward mobility, and making good impressions I am radically honest, sensitive, brilliant, and blunt I hold up a mirror to the best and worst facets of human life.
The Lady of Trauma is the mirror of pain I reflect the disastrous ways that human beings interact
Then the reflections are stretched and distorted With irony, and humor, and sadness Loosening their grip on the heart So that the person who seeks freedom Can get a taste of being free.
My devotees pray:
Lady of Trauma, Lady of Pain Ascetic and bhairavi and sannyasini and mistress Pull me from the disaster I have made of my life Save me from the evil machinations of others.
This is their prayer and I hear it in their hearts As they chant my mantra.
Savior, Lady, Mother Goddess, bodhisattva, Love me as I love you I am desperate and bound Free me by your grace.
I will give freedom, but not without realization Those who have been bound, bind others Those who have suffered, cause suffering I let them know how they have been affected But also how they have affected others.
I do not wear bones because of death
I wear them because they represent what is beneath the surface
The blood that I drink is the evil karma of those that I save
And the karma is then halted and does not pass to others
I appear wrathful as I take on anger, hatred, fury, and the desire to destroy Which are destroyed within me.
I am a dancer upon the pain of ALL mankind I destroy the dark and corrupt
My compassionate side is hidden But for those whom I love
Who have taken on my dark grace I open a path of shining light With pain and sorrow left behind.

To read a meditation on how Vajrayogini can purify the Buddhist practitioner of past traumas, go to the following link:  Example of the Trauma Goddess Purifying a Past Trauma